Vidhi Shah

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I am a narrative experience designer and writer. Having worked with narratives across a range of mediums in the design as well as entertainment industry have given me a beautiful lens of stories that I use to make sense of my reality, and bring people closer to the world they live in.

My Work

If A Tree Falls.png

If a Tree Falls in a Forest Narrative Podcast design

The story of a conscious forest that predicts the doom of its realm and picks people at random to save it. In another part of the forest a young girl is on a quest to summon a flood.

This podcast was created as an alternate awareness method for climate change, one that targets the psychological aspects of things.

Rosetta Mission.png

Rosetta Mission

Game / Interactive experience concept and story

A creative rendition of the narrative of an inspiring space exploration mission by the European Space Agency that landed a spacecraft on a moving asteroid (something that was never imagined before). 

This is a very scalable project hence in the form of a pitch. The aim would be to cover multiple such space missions from parts of the world other the USA, in an attempt to rewrite the narrative of human space travel, one that is not dominated by the west. 

Mr. Buttons.png

Mr Buttons

Sci Fi game concept and world building 

This story was designed to bring to light the understanding of the way our world, society works. And tries to shed light on what would happen in a futuristic world where CRISPR, social darwinism and designer babies become norm. 

The story : When the pet of a little girl from a futuristic world of immortal humans dies, her reaction to it is unexpected. 


Children of the Lost

Nonlinear narrative

Play as a little lost boy belonging to a mysterious cult in the fictional town inspired by Kumbh Mela and make decisions, unravel stories and truths about people as you lead the way and help your companion reach his destination

Mylapore Astronaut.png

Mylapore Astronaut

Narrative/concept design

Created as a collaboration between Earth2Orbit ( The first Indian space startup), Space Biskit ( a space inspired apparel collection of this fashion studio) and me, this project is a narrative exploration into creating out of norm possibilities for astronaut background stories breaking western stereotypes.

*Main menu visuals designed in collaboration with 3d Illustrator ,designer and my mentee Spandhan Joshi while exploring visual storytelling.