Mr Buttons

This story was designed to bring to light the understanding of the way our world, society works. And tries to shed light on what would happen in a futuristic world where CRISPR, social darwinism and designer babies become norm. 

The story : When the pet of a little girl from a futuristic world of immortal humans dies, her reaction to it is unexpected. 

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Concept Art

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World Building

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Culture and society

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Social Aspects


The Story

You wouldn’t think that anyone would forget their sunglasses on the sun, but you don’t know me, yet. I can’t even blame it on my age anymore. 

It’s so hot, everything reflects the goddamn sun here. It saves up all that sunlight and shines in through the night making darkness a concept of the far past. It is so bright compared to the mortal kingdom that when looked up at the sun from there, people look past it without noticing it. Half of the world thinks this place is a myth, the other half has to wears sunglasses like a constant matrix action sequence.

Every so often I wonder what life would be like if I had never come up here. Other than being dead some 40 years ago it would still be the same. Waking up and showing up. Working with science and life, me having no social life, the works. But if it weren’t for this brilliant technology, I don’t think I would have children or grandchildren. With ageing gone, menopause was gone too. And that made life so much easier for women who just needed their own time to want to have kids. Most women now didn’t even want to reproduce since the need to reproduce to keep a species alive wasn’t a concern anymore.

My lab is full of baby foxes today. A look at these animals that we bring from the jungle down in the mortal world always makes me wonder if we are playing with the balance of nature too much and if it’s going to be the death of us all. I don’t know why it took the authorities so long before authorizing and starting work on any of these animals beside humans. There’s no one paying for them, also technically we can’t even take their consent on this, maybe that’s why. Well I’m sure they have finally come up some scheme to turn this into a profit too.

 The process to turn them docile is completed. They are just like any other puppies now. As we are initiating the procedure a few of them seem restless. After getting them out I feel their temperatures rapidly increasing and tremors and shivers. They’re getting worse every second. It did not seem like they are going to make it through the day. I think I’ll just set them aside to peacefully pass, maybe leave a big blanket and some warm food for them. Call me old fashioned but I don’t want to get to the bad side of that ‘karma’ stuff. Also, they reminded me of my little granddaughter Arri who came into the world just as vulnerable as they were right now. Sure, her mother spent a lot of time and money carefully choosing her traits and working on her genetic structure to make sure that this kid had it better than her and that she would survive in the world.

 I knew my daughter wasn’t much of a caretake but when she chose motherhood, I thought it would be a positive change. As a child she would get bored and toss out dollies every other week, and that’s exactly what she did to little Arri too. The fact that she knew every trait of Arri’s made her believe that she knew all she had to about her. That there were no more surprises and that the kid would do just fine in the world. I took little Arri and made a promise to myself to never let the child feel any less loved than her mother was at that age. 

Every evening she would sit by the doorstep waiting for me. Sometimes it was hopscotch, sometimes long talks with her soft toys and sometimes just braiding her hair and playing with ribbons. Today she sat holding a big book of mine and pretending to read it. It was adorable. As I was about to take her in, I realized there was something near my feet. One of those baby foxes had followed me home. With a bright orange fur and a pointy nose, this little fellow was nibbling on the edge of my pants. When Arri saw it, she had a look of awe. She had never seen anything like it. She looked at it, studied it carefully and then looked at herself trying to see how very different they were, and once she was done she told me she would like to be friends with him forever and asked me if he could live in our home.

This immediately took me back to the day her mother had a similar curiosity about a puppy when I took her to the mortal land. She got a little too excited while holding the puppy in an embrace and it was choked to death. That day we both learned that super strength could also be a curse. Since Arri did not have super strength, it didn’t seem like I wanted to take the new-found joy and curiosity away from her. They both grew quite attached to each other. She called him Mr. Buttons because something made her believe that he liked buttons. One day I saw her tying her ribbons to his neck. Arri never gave her ribbons to anyone, so this came off as a surprise. She was really getting attached 

A week later, early in the morning Arri came running to me with Mr. Buttons in her hands and an expression of worry on her face. She said something was wrong. I could feel his little pulse gradually reducing. I felt like an idiot for letting her have him in the first place. A mortal, what was I thinking! He was going to die. How the hell was I supposed to explain that to her. When I was a little girl who had just lost a kitten, my Papa took me to the park. It was an autumn evening. We sat in the park and looked at the tree shedding its dried leaves for an hour. No one said anything. I just understood what he meant. Tree goes through all the seasons, the circle of life. The leaves dry up and fall off, but there will be new leaves shooting out of the same branch in spring. Old life withers away, giving way to the new. But even the trees that Arri has seen all her life remain green throughout the year. I can’t tell her that the body becomes soil for a plant because she has never seen a plant grow and it will seem absolutely ridiculous if I tell her the soul become a star. Due to the altitude of this place as well and heightened distant vision, we see stars as little balls of fire. She has never known or thought of death or disease, the world around her was designed specifically to make sure both these concepts were not a part of her reality.

 I told her I would see what the problem was and make him better.

A few days later when I got back home, Arri was so happy to see Mr. Buttons that she took him and ran inside. She was having a special tea party she said. I was so overjoyed, I decided to connect with Arri’s mother and tell her all about how I had made her daughter happy with the new pup that would remain forever. What I heard next shocked me as I ran back home to see if it was true and if it had actually caused any damage. My daughter told me of the time she was having one of her many breakups. Designer people did not have many flaws or quirks. All of them were the same. Optimum in every way, and sure they had different skill sets and traits. But they were perfect. Nothing excited amused or impressed them. After this she was so heartbroken that she thought that emotions were the problem. She found out she was pregnant with his child right after. Somehow, she chose not to terminate her pregnancy. Working on the traits and qualities of her yet to be born child kept her busy and excited, she did a lot of research and found out that it was now possible to not just alter physical traits but emotional ones too. She decided to neutralize the emotional sensitivity gene.

I reached home to find Arri at home still in her room sitting at the table with her furry friend having her tea party. I was relieved. How could I think that my little Arri could harm anything or hurt anyone? I turned to leave her to her game while she started talking to the baby fox.

 “Would you like some more tea Mr. Bonbon? Or maybe you and I can share a rat from the lab. I think we are going to be the best friends in forever. But if you try to bite me, I will send you where I send Mr. Buttons.”